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Friday, June 17, 2011


When Victoria was born with Down syndrome, I was told that many things about her (speech, mental and physical abilities) would be delayed. For a new mother of a special needs child, this was devastating. I wondered how I would cope with seeing Victoria pass the "normal" milestones that typical children master so easily without a hint of her being close to performing those same activities anytime soon.

One thing that continually grieved me was that Victoria had not ever been able to say my name. She had turned 3-years-old in March and had never uttered "Momma." I know Mark felt such joy and pride that Victoria had been able to say "Da Da" shortly after she turned 2-years-old and I was proud for him. But, boy! I longed to hear my little girl call to me when she needed me to meet her needs. I began to wonder how long it would take her to finally say my name. As time passed, I wondered ... "Will she ever be able to say Momma?" I held out hope that her tiny mouth would be able to eventually process the sounds.

I am happy to report that soon after Victoria's 3rd birthday I began hearing what I thought to be her saying "Baah Baah." I wasn't sure if she was really attempting to call to me with that verbalization or not. But, with time I could see that she grew in confidence as she spoke directly to me using those "words." I told Mark, "I think that is her way of saying 'Momma!'"

As every day passes, I know for a fact that Victoria is saying my name. Like when she climbs up on top of the tall stainless garbage can in the pantry and forcefully yells, "Baah Baah" over and over until I come grab whatever snack she is reaching for. Or, when I get out of the car to pump gas into the gas tank and I see her waving heartily at me through the window, yelling, "Baah Baah" to get my attention.

What a joy it is to see Victoria realizing that speech is a powerful way to communicate things she needs or wants! I wondered if I would ever see this day come! I was praying and holding out hope that it would. The God who formed precious Victoria has given her a voice and He is helping her slowly put sounds into a few words that we can now understand. What an awesome process it is to witness!

God has been very gracious to me. He has helped me through every phase of Victoria's life so far, accepting that she'll eventually get where she needs to be. And, when Victoria does meet each milestone, it isn't without hard work on her part and a big celebration on the part of her family!

PS - I've attached a video of Victoria saying "Momma." Enjoy and celebrate with us!


Myra said...

That's awesome, Heather! I can't wait to see how much progress she'll make this year!

Teresa Graham said...

I've been so blessed to watch how she and all of you, progress in this special journey. Victoria is beautiful and such a joy...well, all three of your girls are. Thanks for sharing so transparently.

Marie said...

I was reading a book called First Light. It is a fictional story surrounding a true biblical story. It is about the blind man Jesus heals. His disciples asked why is he blind, did he sin or his parents. Jesus says it is so He could heal him. He was blind for God's glory. I think we forget sometimes that we were created for God's glory. Thank you for sharing. I know God has a wonderful plan for your little girl. She was created for his glory. Her life has a purpose and I can't wait to see what God has planned. If you would like to read the blogg I wrote about this, here is the link

Pickled Paws said...

I'm new to blogging, so I'm creeping around a little, but had to stop and say that your story of your daughter saying mamma for the first time was so sweet to read this morning! Good luck to you.. Hope everything is going wonderful through your childs eyes. They are truly gifts of God. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

She is adorable!!! My friends son has down's and he is 5. He started kindergarten a couple of weeks ago and he has already learned two new words. I'm so happy for you that she said "momma"

Kaitlyn said...

Victoria is such a beutiful young lady. She is so smart despite what "science" says. I know you really want her to say they actual words Momma, but just know that she will never call anybody bahh bahh becaus ethat is you! She loves you! I hope God continues to bring joy into you life and help Victoria along the way!