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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Birthday Month

It is hard to believe, but our Victoria turned 4 today (March 10th)! Time has crept by in some ways and flown by in others. These past four years have been filled with many, many things. Many joys, many fears, many unexpected surprises.

We continue to learn how to best meet Victoria's needs as a special needs child and we are definitely not experts at it. We still wonder when Victoria will learn to speak clearly, but we are so thankful that she understands everything we tell her and she responds accordingly. We wonder when Victoria will develop a sense of fear that causes her to act cautiously. She still has no understanding of the fact that she could get lost if she wanders away from us. She has no understanding of the fact that she could get hurt if she climbs up on things, etc. I am yearning for the day that those things "click" inside her. It will ease much of the stress I feel these days. I know it is a matter of Victoria growing and maturing and she will eventually "get there." But, today I put aside any worries I have about raising Victoria and I just rejoice in her life and the impact that I've seen it have on others!

Something that is WAY harder for me to believe is that I will be turning 40 on March 13th! Where have those 40 years gone? That is unbelieveable! My 40 years have been filled with so many blessings! I cannot begin to count and recall all of the wonderful things that God has done for me in my life. He has been so good to me and to my family. I know there have been hard times somewhere within those 40 years, but the good far has outweighed the bad!

I'm so thankful this month for the blessings of life and for a God who never ceases to amaze me!