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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

On My Own

Victoria's physical therapist told me a few weeks ago that it wouldn't be long before Victoria could rise to standing on her own without pulling up on something. At that time, I thought ... "are you sure??" But, here I am today with a video of proof that Victoria can sit in the middle of the floor with nothing around her to pull up on and she can STAND!!! Praise the Lord!! How exciting to see this little girl doing such marvelous things! I seem to live almost every day in amazement as Victoria continues to do new things!

PS - The other exciting part of this story is that I am seeing more and more that Victoria "understands" what I'm asking her to do, although she doesn't "talk" back to me each time I give her a command. It is so wonderful to see her comprehending language. When you have a special-needs child, this is something you do NOT take for granted.


Shana Hodge said...

That is awesome!!!! Man, I miss those girls!

Bourg Family said...

That is SO sweet! I love to see that look of accomplishment & pride on their faces when they know they've done something great! Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

She was doing exactly what you asked her to do.....immediately. She knew she had done good. I like the way she didn't give up until she had stood. Makes a Mom proud.

Taylor Family said...

She clearly understands what you are asking her to do. How precious she is!

Anonymous said...

HOW PRECIOUS!!!! You go, Victoria!!! Love that sweet, sweet smile!!!

The Coles said...

WoooHooo... way to go Victoria! Sounded like Mark was having a party in the other room =)