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Friday, November 21, 2008

A Beautiful Nose!

Mark and I went to see Dr. Bryars, my ENT, yesterday. We all sat down and he looked over my CT scan. He explained what he saw in each layer of the scan. He said that my right frontal sinus has never fully developed. He said that, probably, since childhood my sinus has been this way. He wondered if I had a lot of sinus infections as a child. I told him no, but that I remember having a lot of sore throats. He said the sore throats could've been caused by drainage from this underdeveloped sinus cavity. He was amazed as he looked at my scan. He said that it looked like a surgeon had gone in and made the same types of repairs to my right sinus that he would've done if he had done my surgery. He said even though my sinus was not fully developed, it drains exactly as it needs to. He pointed out that my right sinus is missing a small bone that my left sinus has. Also there were several other differences. All in all, he said that he didn't feel like I needed surgery. He said it looked like God and Mother Nature had made whatever adjustments needed to be made in my right sinus to cause it to work properly. It was really neat to hear him explain all of this to us and once again, I knew I had seen God's hand in my life.

He is the Great Physician who can heal any deformity and irregularity of our corruptible bodies! Praise God for His healing hand even though when we don't always know He is working in our behalf!

PS - Dr. Bryars said I did have a small polyp, but he said it has probably been there for a long time and he didn't see any need to remove it. He said it will NEVER turn into anything cancerous.

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anita said...

Woohooo! Praise the Lord!