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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Been Forever!

It feels like it has been forever since I've blogged! My only excuse is that it has been a little crazy in our home. Mostly though, our camera has been full and I couldn't take any new photos until we created a little space on the camera card! Tonight I took a few photos and wanted to share them with you and give a progress report on Victoria.

Here are some photos of Victoria by herself. Isn't she as cute as a button? Victoria is doing really well. She is continuing to gain weight and still nurses great. I've started adding in some cereal to her diet and she takes it fine, however she is a little bit of a slower eater when it comes to eating via a spoon. She seems to want to feel the textures of food items in her mouth more than my other girls did. My other girls slurped down their food and Victoria seems to savor it more (or either gags on it). So, I just try to be patient and know there will be a day that she is chomping at the bit to eat "real" food.
Victoria is now 8-months-old! I can hardly believe that she will be a year old in March! I'm sure time will fly by and March will be here before I know it. It's hard for me to even picture Victoria being a year old because she is still so small for her age. She is behind physically, of course, so I even have trouble accepting that she is already 8-months-old! She is still a little baby in my eyes. However, the therapists are all SO happy with Victoria's progress. They continue to tell me what a strong little girl she is becoming. I find myself emotional at her therapist visits because she accomplishes so much. It's hard to explain why I get so emotional. I guess I see her hitting so many milestones at each visit that I'm overcome with joy and pride for my strong, little, victorious girl! I continue to be amazed at how God works in her life. She is a huge testimony of God's grace and proving that the impossible is POSSIBLE!

Here is a photo of Elyssa and Victoria. Elyssa is the little "goof" of the family! She is quite the card these days! I've really enjoyed this new stage she is entering. She is starting to grow up! 3K has been a great thing for her. My Elyssa is a smart and pretty little girl.

Natalie didn't pose for any photos, of course, but she is doing well! She will be turning two-years-old on January 10th. So, I will begin making party plans for her soon. She is developing a funny personality of her own. She, too, is a smart and pretty little girl!
I thank God for my life, my sweet husband who travels this interesting road with me, my wonderful girls whom I love with all my heart and our families who continue to be such a strong support for us. God has surrounded us with so much love and we are forever grateful!


The Coles said...

I know your girls are close in age, but won't Natalie be 2 in January?
I am so happy Victoria is making such great progress! She is such a cutie.
Elyssa looks like such a big girl in that picture.. crazy

messickmom said...

Yes! Natalie will be 2 in January! I made a typo originally and corrected it. Sorry for the boo boo!

Angel said...

WOW ! look at her ! ( Victoria) I just love her name... and now that you've described her as your "victorious little girl" I love even more... her name suits her ! I love her smiles! It is so great... watching their personalities evolve! Blessings to you & your family this Thanksgiving holiday !