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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Yesterday Victoria met with her physical therapist, Candace. Candace was so impressed by how Victoria is standing up from the floor, taking steps and cruising on furniture so well. She also commented on how huge it was that Victoria WANTS to do these things on her own. We don't have to prod and push her to do anything. She said this is a sign that Victoria has high cognitive levels, which was so encouraging to hear! She said normally Down's babies are content to do nothing. Victoria is the total opposite. She can't stand to be held still for long at all. She WANTS to be down on the floor going, going, going. So, these are all very wonderful signs that our baby girl is on the high-functioning end of Down syndrome. Yeah!

Candace wanted me to work with Victoria on using a push toy a little more so she can work on her balance. After Candace left, I had Victoria pushing a little car that Elyssa and Natalie both used as babies. The first few times Victoria pushed it, she lost her balance and fell. But, boy ... shortly after that, she was pushing that car like a pro. It was so fun to watch her!

I thought you'd want to see her wonderful progress! She's a cutie!

PS - You'll notice that when she pushes the car to the chair or wall and cannot go any further, she gets mad. I think that is the funniest!


The Coles said...

I saw her walk across the rug in the nursery from one end to the other tonight... so exciting!
I have a walker/push toy that you can borrow if you need to... Mattie won't be needing it for a couple of months

Stay-C said...

So encouraging to see her doing so well! Don't let anyone tell you she can't do something.. one of my favorite teens at work has Down's and she plays challenger baseball, Special Olympics soccer and swimming, and beats me every single time at any game on the Nintendo Wii! I know Victoria will continue to kick booty as she grows bigger and bigger!! :)