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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Long Awaited "Walking" Video

Many of you have asked about Victoria and if she is walking yet. She has started taking several steps and we are thrilled. I think the most steps we have counted are around 12. Those are small steps, mind you, but we still count them all! The cutest thing of all is that Victoria laughs while she walks most of the time. I think she is so proud that she is walking that she cannot contain her happiness!

So, here you go! Enjoy viewing our little miracle of God taking some of her first steps!


All Heart Photography said...

Heather, she is precious! Pretty soon, you'll be chasing her all over the place =). Congrats on such a big accomplishment sweet girl!

Cindy said...

yay! Praise the Lord!

Peppi said...

I love how she even gets up from a sitting position without pulling up on anything. And when she began by crawling on her knees to crawling on her feet to a standing position...so cute! Love that winning smile too!

Anonymous said...

I see those as giant steps!
Can't wait until Marley does the same!

Cindy R. said...

Yay, Victoria!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Heather! I'm so thrilled!!!