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Monday, September 1, 2008

Gustov AND "Chip!" (Part II)

Today is Labor Day and we are indoors thanks to Hurricane Gustov. We took a little video from our backyard. There is a little creek that runs in the very back part of our yard called Hell's Creek. We have had such a large amount of rain from the hurricane that the creek has flooded way above what we have ever seen before. We thought you would like to see the video we took.

Here are a few photos of Elyssa and Natalie standing on the back porch. Elyssa got an umbrella last year at Christmas and she LOVED that she was able to use it today to walk out in the yard with me.

PS - Many of you were pretty humored by Elyssa saying "Chip." I wanted you to see this video of Mark trying to get Elyssa to say "Chip" without such an "Alabama accent. As you can see, he was not successful! In her three years of life, she has already delved too deep into the southern culture to escape its affects!


Angel said...

Hi Heather & Mark !
I found your blog through Pastor Ed's. We ( Me & my family) used to live 3 houses down from you.
(#1738)... Glad you survived the hurricane ! That was interesting video of the rising creek! How well I remember that creek!
BTW Your girls are precious!
We are the Sullivan's (I'm Angel) ... we moved 3+ years ago to PA, so we were certainly praying for our families & friends among everyone else along the gulfcoast... with this hurricane!
Blessings to you & your family!

Angel said...

Oh, and I love that Alabama Southern accent... I miss hearing "Ya'll" each day of my life! sound is comfort to me!

Anonymous said...

Man if that isn't like the blind leading the blind!!! If you'll notice, when Mark seems to get a little frustrated, he says "chee-yup" just like Elyssa!! I love it! God bless her - she gets it honest! I love you guys:)

The Coles said...

Let that baby be a Southern Belle!! haha