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Monday, September 29, 2008

Life With The Messicks

God has truly been blessing us with some wonderful days here at the Messick home. Let me give you some examples!

Mark and his dad are building a fence in the back of our yard and we are so excited about it. I'll be so glad to know the girls can play in the backyard without being able to wander into the street at the front of the house or the creek at the back of the yard. I love already how it dresses up our yard and it's not even complete yet! Mark and his dad are doing a wonderful job and I'm so impressed with how great the fence is turning out since they have never built a fence like this before.

Victoria continues to do well. She will have her next round of therapists come in the next few weeks. I am hoping they will have good things to say about the progress she has made. She still cannot sit up on her own and is still very small, but she is gaining strength and weight progressively. She is a strong little girl and is very active. I believe she will continue to amaze us all as she grows and develops!

This past weekend Mark and I were able to spend a FREE night at the Battlehouse Hotel in downtown Mobile.
The Battlehouse Hotel is a newly restored old hotel and it is absolutely beautiful! Before we checked into our hotel room, we went to see a new movie called Fireproof. It was such an inspiring movie and I found myself weeping during several moving scenes. You have gotta check it out! After checking into our hotel room, we used a gift card to eat at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and certainly enjoyed our dinner there! To top off the whole weekend, Mark arranged for me to have a massage at the new spa that the Battlehouse opened up about 3 weeks ago. Talk about being pampered! It was awesome! I love massages and haven't had one in a very long time, so this was very much appreciated! We had a great, much needed break from the rat-race of life and were able to recharge and reconnect. I'm so thankful for a husband that recognizes a need to get away with his wife every-once-in-a-while! He is a gift!

We are so thankful for how God continues to walk with us on our journey of life. No matter if the times are wonderful or terribly difficult, we still find Him by our sides. He never leaves us and at just the right moments, we feel special reminders that He loves us so much. I think sometimes ... I don't know how people live this life without Him!

PS - My heart goes out to a lifelong friend, Allison Woodruff Rich. She lost her mother, Shirley, to cancer this past Saturday night. Mrs. Shirley was always a special friend of my parents and she will be missed. However, we are comforted by the fact that she knew the Lord and is finally free of the bonds of her aching, earthly body. She is finally at peace with the Savior that redeemed her and we know we will see her again one day!

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