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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gecko Adventures

Last night a friend of mine, Donna, spent the night with me. Mark has been out of the country on a mission trip for about 7 days now and Donna had wanted to come spend some time with me and the girls since we were missing Mark and needed something to get our minds off of his absence.
After a fun afternoon of playing, we finally put the girls down for the night.  Then, Donna and I talked for a good bit and enjoyed catching up on each other's lives.  We were both getting tired and decided to get ready for bed.  Donna was lying in the bed watching TV and I decided to check my emails and Facebook.  I went into the office and sat down in the office chair.  I turned on the computer and something caught my eye.  I happened to look up and to the right.  In the top corner of the wall I saw what looked to be a huge light-colored lizard.  I freaked out!  I ran out of the office screaming and told Donna to come look at the critter that was just starring down at me in the office.  She told me it looked like a gecko (the one pictured to the left is NOT the one we found in my house, but I wanted you to see a gecko of similiar size and color).  I had never seen such a creature inside a house in all my life!  I had goose bumps all over and was trying to figure out how in the world we were going to get that sucker out of the house so I could sleep in peace! 

My next-door neighbor, Bob, had just told me the day before if I needed anything at all to give them a call.  Bob and his wife knew Mark was out of the country and wanted me to feel free to call them, even if it was in the middle of the night.  Donna was trying to be brave and thought she would try to get the gecko herself.  I immediately told her, "No way!  I'm calling Bob!"  I had already gotten two brooms from the utility closet and was ready to fend for my life if that yucky thing came a'runnin for me!  I had steaked my place on top of the "fainting couch" (an antique) in our bedroom and  Donna was laughing at what a coward I was being!

I called  Bob and he was happy to come over and help.  Through the course of me screaming several times and  Bob having to chase the gecko around the office a little, he finally managed to capture the reptile.  He took him outside with him and I hope he released him FAR away from my house! 

What a terrifying experience!  That thing was so nasty!  There was no way I could sleep with that little dude being free to roam in my home!  I just kept having horrible thoughts about him crawling on my face or in the girl's beds while we were all sleeping!  He just HAD TO GO and thankfully, Bob, came to our rescue!  I slept much better last night knowing that the house was free of our unwelcome guest!


Shana Hodge said...

Thos things love to hang on our front porch and ocassionally they make it into the house. I can't stand them! What I hate even worse is a salamander. We had one of those get into Mom's house right as we were moving here. I had to be the brave one to get it out because Tommy wasn't there. We were all screaming like a bunch of girls!

AmberG said...

When Landon and I were in Mobile we lived in Eightmile not far from Industrial Parkway. My mom thought she would bless us with a dog. We adjusted. Every night apparently those little gecko creatures would gather on our back porch to feast on bugs attracted to the light. In order to open the door to feed the dog we would have to bang to scatter the few geckos that were feeding in order to feed our dog. On more than one occasion one would sneak in the house. I feel your pain. But your story also made me laugh! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

We had those when we lived in Satsuma. I bought some of those small glue traps used for mice and put them on the porch right outside the door. That worked great! Teresa