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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vitamin Crisis

I guess I knew it was coming.  I mean, Natalie couldn't go too long without putting something up her nose, right!?! 

Here I was getting all three girls in the bed by myself.  Elyssa kept getting out of bed while I was feeding Victoria a bottle.  Natalie was in her crib asking for a vitamin.  I got two vitamins out of the Flinstone bottle and asked Elyssa to eat one and give one to Natalie.  She did just as I asked. 

I was almost done feeding Victoria her bottle when I heard Natalie began to scream.  I thought Elyssa was bothering her.  Elyssa came running into Victoria's bedroom and told me that Natalie needed me right away.  I quickly put Victoria down because Natalie's screams were getting louder.  I began to hear her crying about her vitamin.  I turned her light on thinking she dropped her vitamin in her bed.  I looked around trying to find it in her covers.  Then, I heard her say that her vitamin was in her nose!  Elyssa told me, "Natalie put her vitamin up her nose!" 

Frantically, I grabbed Natalie out of the bed and took her into my bedroom.  I turned on the lamp, grabbed the flashlight, tweezers and nose drops all while Natalie was still screaming lying on my bed waiting for me.  Once I pointed the flashlight at her nose, I could see it.  That vitamin was almost out of grabbing distance, but I thought I could get it with tweezers if Natalie would be really still.  So, while holding the flashlight between my right chin and right shoulder I told Natalie to be really still.  She flinched several times but I tried to explain I wasn't going to hurt her.  I was going to get her vitamin out.  After a few tries, I finally got hold of the vitamin with my tweezers and pulled it out.  Poor Natalie was screaming.  Those Flinstone vitamins are really rough in their texture, so I'm sure it hurt a lot.  I put some nose drops in her nose and hugged her tight.  I said, "Natalie, don't EVER put anything up in your nose again!  It hurts your nose when you do that!  You scared Momma!"  She said, "I scared, too, Momma."  She just kept crying and said she would never do it again. 

Oh ... I pray this time she really means it!

PS - Mark finally got in tonight from his mission trip to London and Bangladesh!  I will see him in a few moments!  I'm excited to have my husband back home!


Wife of Rob said...

I highly suggest that you ditch the "hard" Flintstones for the "gummy vites"....you can get them at Sam's!

Love you

Karla Doodlebug said...

Heather, I am enjoying your blog!
I had to post that when Bailey was a little over 1 she put a raisin up her nose! I could not get it out so a trip to the ER was necessary for the doc to pull it out!!!

She could not stop sneezing the whole way there so we were hoping it would blow out before we pulled in...but oh well! The fun stories we will have to tell later!!!