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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Few New Videos!!

Here is Victoria after a bath a few nights ago! You can see her scar from heart surgery has really healed nicely.

Natalie absolutely loathes the camera. Here she was asking me for some more ice cream. You can hear her say "want some" right when I started videoing her. She then puts her head down and starts crying. I'm such a cruel mother to think it's funny to torture her with a camera in her face, aren't I??

Mark was singing "Jesus Loves Me" with Natalie. This is a new song that she has been singing a lot lately. She didn't realize I was filming her so she did much better singing freely!

Natalie was cruising around the dining table singing, you guessed it ... "Jesus Loves Me!" She cracks me up sometimes with what a cheese ball she is!

Last but not least, Victoria is such a mover and shaker! Here is a video of her shaking her legs and enjoying her "floor time."

Hope these videos made you laugh today! They sure made me! And, who doesn't need to laugh a little each day?? I'm glad that God created laughter! It keeps us all from going crazy!


Anonymous said...

who needs a baby bouncer.. she's got it under control! all of your video's have just made my day today.. thank you for having this blog!!! love ya. allison

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying following the childrens day to day fun and progress. You are an awesome mom and I feel blessed just to know you. I will keep peeking so keep leaving your videos for me to watch.
Hugs to you,
Brenda Kranke

Shana Hodge said...

Natalie and Elyssa crack me up running around the table! I think that Victoria has created a new dance with that left leg thing going on! Such cuties! I love that even though I'm 6 hours away...I can see them anytime I want right here! Love ya!