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Friday, October 17, 2008

Gift Certificate

I tried to have Elyssa say "Gift Certificate" yesterday and you just have to hear her version of it! I thought it was hilarious!

Here is a cute video we took of Victoria yesterday. She gave us several good smiles. By the way, she saw the thyroid doctor Wednesday (for which they took some blood to check her levels) and we are hoping today they will tell us that none of her levels have increased. I'm actually praying that they find a decrease and that eventually she can come off of her thyroid medication. That would be heavenly! No more pills! What a blessing that would be!

Lastly, here is a precious video of Victoria laying beside Elyssa the other night before she went to bed. I love how high-pitched Elyssa's voice gets when she talks to Victoria! I wonder where she gets that?? Probably from her parents!


The Coles said...

Victoria is going to be so tough after getting all that good "love" from her sisters. They are all so cute!

Bourg Family said...

The videos are precious! I love how Elyssa's "God Our Father" sounds like "Godder Fodder." They are so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

(long sigh with a smile on my face..........) I love your family.

David Simpson said...

VICTORIA IS SO CUTE. Just looking at her video makes me want to come over and give her hugs and kisses. We still think about one more, and seeing her makes me want another... she is a baby doll.
Miss you guys...