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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Day In 3K!

Elyssa officially started 3K today! I woke her up right before 7am and got her all dressed for her first day with Mrs. Bonnie. The rain outside had all my girls sleeping especially hard, so Elyssa did not wake up on her own today. But, she roused pretty easily and was excited to go to school.

I had prepared all her bags last night so today would be an easy and quick departure. Good move on my part. We will just have to continue that routine each night!

I had Elyssa take her photo by her backpack before she left today. She posed that way all on her own! Can we say cheesy? She is just a little model!

I'm anxious to pick her up and see how she made it through her first day in 3K! I'm sure she had a ball!

PS - First day update: Elyssa had a good time, although, she was a little shy and sat in the teacher's lap during lunch time. This afternoon she was quite tired and said that she didn't want to see Mrs. Nobles anymore! Ha! I think that was her way of saying she didn't want to go back to her new school and missed her old Mom's Day Out class. I know this is normal. It might just take a few days of adjusting to new people and things. I'm sure by next week she will really look forward to her new class.

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