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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Little Bit Of Comedy

Some of you may remember my segment called "What Is With?" that I wrote while at UAB in the middle of some pretty insane circumstances. Many commented that they enjoyed the humor I had in the midst of those hard times. Well, you might be glad to see that humor come back in my segment for today called, "How Depressing Is It?" Here we go!

1. How depressing is it when you notice gray hairs growing in your eyebrows???

2. How depressing is it when you see brown spots appear on your face after THREE pregnancies? By the way, this photo is NOT Mars from space. It's my face!

3. How depressing is it when you start to see crazy veins on your legs?

4. How depressing is it when your hair color starts to grow out a little and you see how much gray is REALLY growing on top of your head?

5. And finally, how depressing is it when you flex your arm and you cannot even see the muscle that is flexed for all the fat hanging down on the underside of your arm???

Of course, there is hope for the arm issue once I really get serious about losing baby weight, but for the other things, I just cover them up the best I can and say with as much enthusiasm as I can muster ... "Welcome old age!"


Shana Hodge said...

Hey, your grey hair has nothing on my head. Thanks Daddy! Mom helped me color my hair while she was here last week and told me that I have more than she does and she is, well...older than me! (Love you Mom!) Anyway, I feel your pain. Guess that's how we roll with being sisters. Guess we have Mother and Daddy to thank for our issues!

Anonymous said...

The really depressing thing is not only did you depress yourself, but you drug Mark into it also because he probably took the pictures!!!!

Way to go Heather...thanks for bringing us all down!!!!(just kidding)

Bethany said...

OMG you are one brave woman to point out all those things! ROFL

The Coles said...

Heather... You are Beautiful grey hair, brown spots, and all!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's why we go to the Clinique Counter, Burt at Cutter's Cottage can fix that grey, only he will know! Ha! Yes, and the right kinda clothes and nothing will show! Ha! Just look at those precious girls, they will help you run off the weight...you are blessed & Beautiful!!! Just keep looking up Heather, we get better with age....thanks for being able to be amused and not REALLY down about it! Hug the girls each me!

Wife of Rob said...

.....but you know what? If Sean Connery is that much better with age...then SO ARE WE! You are GOR-JIS DAHHHH-LING!