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Friday, August 8, 2008

Free Ride

I love to watch kids play. It's interesting that they turn toys into all sorts of things by use of their imagination. It's especially neat to see my two girls finally playing cute together and turning our baby doll stroller into a stroller just for them. No matter that they are WAY to big to even be trying to sit into the stroller! It's just plain fun!

Here is Natalie strolling Elyssa around.

Elyssa returned the favor and strolled Natalie around.

Victoria isn't old enough to stroll her older sister's around, but she is making strides nonetheless! She was sitting against my legs the other afternoon and I let her grab my fingers. On her own, she pulled herself forward toward me. It was the cutest thing. She just had to be close to her mama (or either she was trying to tell me she wanted to nurse!) I have really been amazed by her strength and determination and believe that this is a sign of wonderful things to come for her!

What a lovely pair!


Bethany said...

Too funny! That goes on in our house a lot too! Along with plenty of crashes! LOL

Anonymous said...

Ok...I am definately in love with your youngest and I have never even met her! She is adorable! It's all in the name :)