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Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday Morning LIVE!!!

Yesterday started out as the typical Sunday. Everyone was getting up, eating breakfast and trying to quickly get dressed for church. I did my usual "packing of the bags" for all the girls to make sure I had all the necessary diapers, juices and such for whoever needed it. Somewhere in the midst of all the hullabaloo, I noticed that my left side (toward the back) started to hurt. It was a constant pain and continued to build into more of a sharp pain. I was scheduled to sing a solo in church and was thinking through whether I thought I could sing or not with this type of pain. I told Mark that I was hurting but thought I would try to see if I could deal with it. As we drove to church, the pain worsened and brought me to the point of moaning and tears. With all three girls in the car, me scheduled to sing and Mark being one of the pastors of our church ... we bypassed the church exit and headed straight for the nearest hospital. It just happens to be the hospital that I delivered two of my girls at and have visited the emergency room recently when I had an allergic reaction to a medication last year.

Mark let me out at the emergency room door while he stayed in the van with the girls. We had called my parents to meet us there. Thankfully, they were not in church yet and could head to the hospital to meet us. I went in to register myself and the dreadful waiting began. When you are in pain, the waiting seems forever, even though it might only be 10 minutes. Mark came in soon after I signed-in and he sat with me in the waiting area. As I sat in the waiting area, I could only keep my eyes closed to breathe and deal with the pain. Finally, my name was called and we went back to the registration area where they ask you a bunch of medical questions and inquire about your current condition. At that point, I really began hurting. I hated to moan out loud around people, but I couldn't help it. I did the best I could to control myself, but it was terribly hard. After I finished answering questions (with which Mark had to help me with some), we were told to go back out into the waiting area. I had started feeling nauseous by this time and didn't want to return to the same "general public" waiting area. We found a bathroom near the waiting area and went in there. Sweet Mark stood by my side while I hovered over the toilet in case I threw up. I never did, but wanted to be close by just in case. We finally went back out into the hall where I sat in a chair waiting for my name to be called. My name was called a few moments later and I couldn't have been more relieved.

I was taken back to a small room where I had to change my clothes and put on one of those embarrassing gowns that tie in the back. Honestly, after having three babies these past three years, I don't really care who sees what when I go into a hospital! So, I wasn't too concerned about the gown. I was just hurting and wanted relief. I was asked a few more questions and then a nurse came in to start an IV. That is always "fun" for me because I am a hard stick, I've been told. After a few tries, she finally got a vein. The vein lasted long enough for her to give me several different drugs to relieve my pain. I began to feel much better. After a few moments, I actually didn't feel any pain. I could just lay and rest, even though I still knew what was going on. They got a urine sample and took me for a CT scan.

Turns out that I have a small kidney stone on the verge of entering my bladder. My urine sample came back negative, so thankfully there was no infection there. When the doctor came in, she told me that they would send me home with some pain medication and also a medication that will help me pass the stone a little easier. We were allowed to leave, after I put on my "normal" clothes again and headed home.

At this point, I don't think I've passed the stone yet. I've been using the "strainer" but haven't seen anything yet. We are praying that this "passing" is a quick process. I've not taken any pain medication yet and don't plan to unless I start having terrible pain again.

Please join me in thanks for my wonderful husband who took charge of the situation and rushed me to the hospital, which was where I really needed to be. And, join us in prayer that this stone will "let go" and "get out!"


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Oh man! I'm SO sorry! That is painful!!! I had one when I was pregnant with Keeghan and thought it just might do me in! Praying the passing is easy for you!

Angel said...

WOW ! TFS.. I hope it passes painlessly, since you've experienced siginificant pain already. But you know I gotta ask.... how does it really compare... to childbirth! lol
sounds terrible! feel better soon!
love the new look of your blog!
Do you know Joanie Stewart? (from FBNM)? Her mom passed on Monday.
feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Heather! I'm glad you are okay. I miss you! Hope the passing has already taken place!

Anonymous said...

OUCH! Didn't Mark go through this several years back while on a youth trip or something? He should be able to sympothise with you...and take good care of you while you wait for it to pass! Hope you feel better soon!!