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Monday, July 28, 2008


Natalie has been a little slow in saying words that we understand. Don't get me wrong, she talks ALL the time. She is "jibber-jabbering" though. You can understand how we got excited tonight when she repeated us saying "Messick" pretty clearly. We were in the van coming home from "Comedy Night" at our church (YES...we have comedians come in and do shows each summer for a few nights!!!). Mark asked her to say "Messick" and she did. It was so cute that we all clapped and cheered for her. So, all the way home that is what we had her saying. When we got in the house, we decided to video her. Wouldn't you know she got all shy!! She and Elyssa are total opposites. In the video, Elyssa is climbing on my head or doing whatever she can to get in the shot. Natalie is crying trying to get away from the camera. Go figure. Enjoy the video!

Ahhh...she finally says "Messick" in this next clip!

The following video is of my nightly ritual with Natalie. "The brushing of the teeth!" It's always a terrible experience for both of us. Maybe you will get a laugh from it. Maybe one day, she and I will too!


Anonymous said...

Natalie reminds me of my daughter, Emma Rose. Im glad to know that obviously its the age...Emma Rose is 16 months. She does like brushing her teeth. What I do is brush them first and then give her the toothbrush and she does it...thats what seems to work for me.

Shana Hodge said...

Yeah Natalie!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how we love to "tourture" our kids to get them to do stuff for the camera. I was laughing so hard because that was me trying to get mine to do the same thing. Andrew had a break down, (he is 8) because his cousin knocked his very loose tooth out on July 4th and I made him pull it. You would have thought I was beating him. It was SOOOO Funny. Thanks for the laugh.

The Coles said...

Heather ... you are AMAZING. I know I don't have that kind of patience... and I definitely wouldn't be able to laugh. I would probably just let her teeth rot. You are great!

Mommy, Esq. said...

Heather ~ I'm only glad to see that at least one other household is as chaotic as mine!!!