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Thursday, July 17, 2008

So Proud

Today I feel so proud of Elyssa and Victoria. Let me tell you why.

This morning I took Victoria with me to Springhill Hospital. I met with Eileen, the lactation consultant. I had wanted to get a good idea of what Victoria was taking in when she was nursing. Well, my little special girl ate a little over 3 ounces this morning while nursing! That is usually what she would eat if I pumped and fed her from a bottle. I was SO encouraged! I am now feeling pretty comfortable about how she is nursing and may start being brave enough to let her nurse while we are out without worrying about pumping before I run my errands. Besides her getting a little distracted at times, she did very well in her nursing session at the hospital. Thanks to Eileen for letting me come and weigh Victoria!

Early this afternoon I took Elyssa for her very first dental appointment. I had been telling her what to expect for several days so I was hoping we would have a good experience there. Upon arriving we signed in, filled out paperwork and waited for a few extra minutes in the waiting area. She was very well behaved and made several friends in the lobby. Everyone thought she was so cute! One lady even gave her two quarters so she could buy two prizes out of their toy machines. She later got up in that lady's lap and you would've thought she was her grandma the way she hugged on her. It was really sweet.

When she was called back, she was a big girl and followed Amber (the hygienist) right back to her chair. She climbed up in the chair and sat there like such a big girl! She never once asked me to sit with her. Amber put on her bib and the questions began. Elyssa would ask, "What are you doing? What is that?" Amber explained everything she was doing and what every instrument did.

Elyssa let Amber count her teeth, clean her teeth and scrape her teeth. I was SO proud of how well she did. I was amazed! Amber was too! There was no crying, whimpering or anything closely related to that. It was an awesome experience for Elyssa and she loved all of the prizes she got while at Dr. Court's office. She will definitely look forward to going back in six months and we are excited because her teeth look GREAT! Thanks Amber and Dr. Court!

Today has been a wonderful day and a blessing from the Lord! Thanks to God for His awesome surprises in our lives!


Anonymous said...

I was shocked when I checked your blog today and saw Eileen - I just did the same thing with my two on Tuesday! My girls only got between 1 1/2 and 2 oz and I was pretty disappointed. Your blog encourages me a little. Actually, it motivates me to go pump. See ya later!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hefa! I enjoy reading all the updates on your girls. My girls would sure love to meet them and play. (You can see some pics of them on my blog at
http://mrstater72.wordpress.com )

Have a great week!!