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Monday, July 7, 2008


Natalie, our 18-month-old, has seemed to inherited a very sensitive body. She has had the hardest time with her skin most all of her little life. The doctors attributed this to eczema early on, but I'm wondering if she doesn't have some allergic reactions going on also.

Not long ago she was battling, what seemed to be, a sick tummy. I started wondering if this wasn't the result of some food allergies. Her diapers were always so bad that her bottom was staying terribly red. Being that she had extra-sensitive skin, this was especially hard on her bottom. Diaper changes were always traumatic for her.

The past few days I've noticed that her legs and arms have broken out more than normal. It hurts me to look at Natalie. I cannot help but feel frustrated that surely there is more going on than eczema but we are just not sure what yet.

I plan to take her to the hospital lab this week to try to obtain blood work again. We tried the week before last with no success. That was such a traumatic experience for Natalie that we decided to give her a few days off before trying again. Maybe this time, they will get the blood they need on the first try. We hope that from this blood work Natalie's doctor can rule out a few more things and help us get to the bottom of everything.

Pray for our little Natalie! She is a trooper, but we sure want her to be free of these skin problems for good. Poor thing!

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Anonymous said...

My step daughter has to have a lot of "lab work" done with a rare disease that she has & there is a cream that you can put on her about 30-45 minutes before they stick her & it numbs her skin. After you put the cream on, you wrap it in siran wrap & let it sit. My daughter had to have blood drawn & we did it for her & she NEVER felt a thing! Ask the lab or her doctor about it. I can't remember what it's called.

Becky Counselman