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Friday, July 25, 2008

Picture Day

Today was picture day for the girls, especially Elyssa and Victoria. Elyssa had her 3-year-old photos and Victoria had her first EVER professional photos at Colonial Photography.

Elyssa did wonderful, of course! She is such a pro at this now. She's been having photos done since she was 3 months old and gets better with each session. Actually, today, Mr. John kept commenting on Elyssa being a "little model." She struck more poses than I've ever seen a girl her age strike on their own. She was so cute! She had a great smile and I am excited to see her proofs. They should be great! By the way, isn't this dress so cute? My sister, Shana, made it for Elyssa's 3rd birthday!

Next came Victoria. She had been smiling well at home but she didn't give us many smiles today. We went ahead and took photos but may have to try again with her. She may have been in awe of a new place.

Mr. John, the photographer and owner of Colonial Photography, gave us an extra-special blessing today. He told me that he, Erin and Belinda (the other employees there) wanted to give Victoria a Baby Plan. This would include her sitting fees and 4 photos for each session at her first year's photos! I was so surprised that I almost cried. That was something that meant a whole lot to me as documenting all of my girl's lives has been a hobby of mine. I'm a sucker for photo albums and such, so this was such a wonderful gift and very much appreciated! I look forward to looking back on Victoria's first year through the pictures that Mr. John takes of her. I'm sure that each photo will remind me of the miracles that God has worked in her life.

Mark arrived home shortly after lunch. Boy, was it nice to have him back home since he was away speaking at a Children's Camp this week!

After the girls awoke from their naps, we drove to Dauphin Island's Sea Lab with my dad. The girls LOVED it! What a great get-away for an afternoon! Who knew that you could find such fun things to do in your own town? You'll have to forgive Natalie's appearance in this photo. She was really not wanting to take a picture at the time! She wanted "down" so she could see all the cool fish swimming around!

Here are a few videos of cool things we saw there! God surely created magnificent creatures!

1 comment:

Shana Hodge said...

My goodness! Elyssa looks so grown up in that picture!!! The dress looks really good on her. So glad that it fits!