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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Release Me!

Yesterday I took Victoria to the Cardiologist because I was concerned about a little "blueness" I had seen in her hands and feet the two days prior. She was due to see Dr. Mayer about a week-and-a-half later, but I didn't want to wait that long to get her checked out because of my concerns. I thought I would feel better if I could see her stats and know for sure that everything was okay. Thankfully, everything was okay. Dr. Mayer said that she could've been cold or was maybe sitting or laying in a position that cut off some blood flow. He also said that Down Syndrome babies tend to have some "blueness" in their hands and feet from time to time and it was nothing connected to her previous heart condition. I was glad to know that she was fine. They went ahead and did a heart echo, which Dr. Mayer said looked, "beautiful!" He said her leakage was still very mild. He was very pleased with everything He saw. He will not need to see Victoria again for 3 months.

He also released Victoria to go out into the "wild" with me! I can finally take her shopping or running errands with me. I'll finally feel like I have a little bit of a life. Of course, I'll have to plan a little better since I still need to pump even if I'm away from the house. That will be a little bit of a pain, but maybe my errands will be small ones for a while and I can make it back to the house by feeding times.

We will also be able to take her to church with us. It will be nice to finally get to go back to church! The doctor still wants me to be careful about her having too much close contact with other kids, so I'll probably not put her into the nursery right away. That is probably for my peace of mind since she also still cannot be picked up under her arms because of her heart surgery and mending sternum. I'm sure soon enough I'll be ready to hand her over. I'm just not to that point yet. I "threw" my other two kids into the nursery pretty quickly, but it's different with this little one. She is much more delicate right now. I guess I'm a little protective of her, too. I think that's understandable with all she has gone through.

I'm so thankful for how well she has done in her recovery. I still stand very amazed at the roller coaster we have been on the past few months. God has certainly brought us and Victoria through a ton. He has been so good and we praise Him for showing His mighty hand in our lives. We will never get over what all He has done for us and our special gift. We are so undeserving of His favor, but we are thankful always for His grace.


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for the awesome report! Our God is soooooo good!

Continuing to pray for you.
Love, Dennis and Darlene

Anonymous said...

What a great 4th of July present!!!! Hit the streets girl! Love ya'll, jan

Bethany said...

I have heard about blueness occurring too. So glad that she can venture out with you! You must feel so free!