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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Catching Up

The past few days have been busy with visits from several friends. We wish to post some photos of our recent visitors.

My life-long friend, Allison, came to visit me Saturday. She had attended Victoria's heart-surgery at UAB, but I didn't think to get her picture back then. She drove into town Saturday to be with her mom. Just recently her mom, Shirley (who has commented to several of my blogs), found out that she has cancer. I was glad to see Allison again, but I know we both hated the reasons for which she had to come into town. Please say a prayer for Mrs. Shirley when you think about it. I know Allison would appreciate it so much.

Next, we had a visit (on the same day) by Jan. She was so sweet and brought a toddler bed for Elyssa. We are so thankful for it. With our growing family, it came just in time. Here is a photo of Elyssa sleeping in her bed the first night. She LOVES her new bed. She has been great about staying in it. We, also, actually moved Natalie into Elyssa's room, so they are roomies now! So far, things have been going pretty good! I do have to admit that at their nap time yesterday something quite funny happened. Natalie kept standing up in the crib, jabbering to Elyssa about who knows what. I had to get onto them several times and tell them to go to sleep. Once, I came in and Elyssa's exact words were (as she sat up in her bed emphatically), "Mommy, this is crazy!" She proceeded to tell me that Natalie didn't want to go to sleep. It gave me a good chuckle! What a drama queen!

On Sunday, we were brought some yummy Chicken Spaghetti by Judy, Susanna and Meredith. Elyssa LOVED Meredith's visit! She had to show Meredith her new bed. I took their picture laying in the bed together. They are hilarious in this photo. They both shot their eyes over at each other at the same time. What cuties!

Finally, Jason and Amy brought us dinner tonight (Tuesday) and we had an absolute blast with them. We had asked them to stay and eat with us. They brought their kids with them and Elyssa and Natalie had a wonderful time playing with them. Emily, Abby and Jackson enjoyed playing with the girls, too. It was cute to see Abby being the "mommy" to Elyssa. Abby put her in her bed, fixed her hair and just had a great time playing with her. Here is a cute Vacation Bible School song that all of the kids sang to in our living room. I'm telling you, it was a night of variety! What a blessing to have such wonderful friends! In this video, Elyssa is playing on the guitar that she made in Mom's Day Out today. You get down, girl!

Last, but not least, you have to see how Victoria is doing. She is moving like a wild woman! She's very active! I just think this is a sign that she will be one of those church members who run up and down the aisles. Watch out Pastor Ed! She might give you a real run for your preaching!
We even caught a little smile of Victoria's on camera recently. We are so thankful for how she has been recovering. I'm hoping, soon, to catch some of her cooing on video to post. That is the new cute thing she is starting to do.

We continue to be so thankful for the friends and family that God has placed in our lives. If you were to calculate our wealth based on all of the special people in our lives, then we are very rich, indeed!


Anonymous said...

Heather, I look forward to your blogs each morning. I find myself disappointed when there isn't a new one. I feel so a part of the Messick family now. You are a very talented, special, God gifted family. But of course, I always knew that thosE FATH girls are special. I am so thankful that I have one of you for my own. GOD IS SHINING THROUGH YOUR FAMILY.

Shana Hodge said...

Lordy, look at those legs on Natalie!

Anonymous said...

Heather & Mark,

I haven't left any comments on your blog until now but it's not because I haven't been reading every word and praying for you guys regularly. Victoria looks like she is doing great and she is such a pretty baby. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Tom and I love you. Teresa Callan

Anonymous said...

Heather, you know we are praying for you guys. Tell Allison I said hello! LOL! That brought up a flood of memories seeing her. Tell her I will also being praying for her mom as well. God is with you guys. I can see it everytime you put in a blog entry. He has entrusted you greatly with this journey. It just means that you guys are truly special in His eyes to go through such a situation.

Keep pressing in,

Anonymous said...

Bless you, dear, for sharing the beauty of your family with us!

Holler if you need a meal ... you know I love to cook and need the practice!

Just give me a ring ... 478-9088/h or 219-5713/w


Anonymous said...

Heather, that video of elyssa playing the guitar cracked me up! I love working with those kids at mdo! Glad everyone is okay! Please Cal me! I'd love to come visit! Love you!

Amy goff
643 6643