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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Water Day

Today was such a fun day. We were visited this morning by my parents and my niece, Gracie. Wow, she has really grown up! I hate we haven't seen her more recently. She has matured so quickly. Unfortunately, I haven't seen many people lately because of being confined to the house with Victoria. Anyway, Elyssa and Natalie really enjoyed playing with her.

Later in the afternoon, I put out a little sprinkler-deal that I bought just a few days ago and the girls really enjoyed playing in the water for a little while. Elyssa ran right out in the water with no hesitation, while Natalie wasn't sure what she thought about it. Actually, she cried at first. Elyssa kept trying to convince her that it was okay, but it took some coaxing to get Natalie anywhere near the sprinkler.

I must say that seeing the girls in their bathing suits brought back fond memories of my childhood. I remember seeing home movies of me and my sister in our bathing suits when we were that small. We would watch the movies as teenagers on my dad's reel-to-reel movie projector. We would shine the movies up on the wall and watch our pop-bellied-selves play in our old above-ground swimming pool. Those days were bliss. I loved watching my girls play with such abandon today. What a great time in their lives!

We have also been blessed recently with a Little Tykes 8-in-1 Playground (Thanks Chad and Danielle!). The girls have loved playing with that, too! Natalie especially loves the door! She gets such joy out of opening and closing the door. How fun when you can be entertained by so little. I got another video of the girls playing in their "playground." What cuties!

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