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Friday, June 27, 2008

The Dump

Yesterday I had something interesting happen to me. Let me explain.

We were given a great Little Tykes vanity for the girls (Thanks, Rebecca!). It is just like new. When I picked up Elyssa from Mom's Day Out, I had just picked up the vanity from a friend. It was in the back of the van, but the girls had not seen it yet. I told Elyssa that I had a surprise for her and Natalie, so she was very excited. Once I got everyone out of the van at home, I told Elyssa and Natalie to run to their bedroom and wait for me to bring the "surprise" to their room. They quickly scurried to their room.

I got the vanity out of the back of the van and proceeded to head to the laundry room door from the garage, where Natalie had come back to meet me. She's a curious little toddler right now! She and I walked toward their bedroom. Upon approaching the hallway, I noticed that Elyssa was sitting on her little potty looking at a magazine. This usually means she is pooping. She didn't even see me pass by with the vanity. I set the vanity up in her room and then took a little bag back to her in the bathroom where she was. The bag was filled with the play hairdryer, lipstick, comb and other items that went with the vanity. When she saw it she said, "Mommy, I'm so excited! I love you!" She then got off of the potty to hug my leg. I told her that if she was excited about that little bag, then she would be really excited about what was in her room. I got her bottom wiped off, pulled her pants back up and let her go to her room to be amazed by their new toy. When she got to her room I heard her say, "Natalie, look!" They began playing away!

While they were beginning their initial play with the vanity, I took the red tray out of Elyssa's potty that was filled with her pee and poop and poured some water in it from the faucet. This is something I normally do right before I dump its contents into the "big" toilet for flushing. Right after I had filled the tray with a little water I heard, what sounded like to me, the vanity tumping over. All I could think of was that the vanity had fallen over on Natalie or Elyssa. My initial reaction was to quickly dump the tray out in the potty and run to the bedroom. After I dumped the tray, I darted to the bedroom to save my children from harm, I, all of the sudden, realized that the hole I dumped the poop into was not the "big" potty. In fact, it was the training potty! So, the dung had no where to go but splat right onto the floor because I was holding the tray that it would've normally gone into, when it's in its place. I couldn't believe what I had done! I don't know what made me think that I could dump the "dump" out in that little potty, but it was my first reaction. After I realized that the vanity had not fallen at all, I headed back to the bathroom to look at the damage. For the next 30 minutes, I was trying to sanitize the floor where I had dumped the pee and poop. Oh, joy!

Oh well, instead of the "poop hitting the fan," ... it hit the floor!

PS - Here is a cute photo of Victoria from today!


Anonymous said...

Glad the girls are enjoying the vanity. And if the poop hitting the floor is the worst mistake you make with the busy schedule you must have, girl-- you are doing great!
Blessings, Rebecca

The Coles said...

I am laughing out loud! I hate little potties... there is nothing clean about them... they gross me out! Meredith still uses hers, and everytime I think how yucky it is! The things we do for our girls!