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Monday, June 9, 2008

She Is God's Child

Here is a song I wrote about Victoria. I can picture Elyssa (or me) singing this in church with a slide show of all Victoria has gone through so far in her short life. My prayer is that this song would be a testimony of how there is value in every life. No matter if the life begins with struggles, God ordains that life. And, we (and Victoria) are ministers to the fact that He gives "gifts" to certain people. Those gifts are special children that help us to see His glory fully and know that He is a good God.

Copyright 2008 Heather Messick

Her little face is not the same
As yours and mine they say
But God took the time to fashion her
In such a special way
She may not learn just like I do
Or play the way I play
But she was made especially
For me to know one day

That God is good
And He is kind
She always was
Right there on His mind

She is God's child
Crafted and made by Him
She is God's child
Her life magnifies Him
She is God's child
Let our praise begin
And thank Him
For she is God's child

Her life came no surprise to Him
He knew that she'd be here
This span of time was made for her
So there should be no fear
Whatever struggles come her way
The Lord will see her through
He'll hold her hand and guide her steps
Her days He always knew

'Cause He is good
And He is kind
She always was
Right there on His mind

Who's to say her little life
Wasn't meant to be this way
To show the world the Savior's hand
Now we can join and say


Anonymous said...

All of your blogs are great and a true inspiration to me as we face the uncertainty of having triplets join our family. Are we up to it? Your blogs help me think that we are.

I am so thrilled about your newest song. I have been praying this emotional time in your life would inspire words that would multiply Gods great love and care for us. Please keep writing.

Ann Slaughter said...

I am just now catching up on your blog and on Victoria's progress. Needless to say I was surprised about your memory of our time together in PICU before you all left for Birmingham. I must really have been tired or in need of another cup of coffee.

I know that my husband calls my job in lactation “my titty mom job" but I didn't think I said it out loud. I meant to say "Ditty Bag". That was the family name for the bag we took to the bath-house when we were camping. I had all the necessities for shower, shampoo and tooth brushing.

I am glad the misunderstanding brought you all a smile though. I continue to keep you and your family in my prayers even though I was behind in the daily diary that you share with us. May God continue to bless you all.

The video of you holding Victoria before surgery - brought back memories I thought long forgotten. There is that special moment just before you hand your child over to the surgical team that can not be put into words. It is a moment only another parent, who has experience it, can truly understand. I think it must be something like what God felt when he handed his son over for us.

Call if you need anything.