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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Little Miracle

Hi. My name is Victoria Jayne and my mommy and daddy tell me that I'm a miracle. They don't think I understand them when they talk to me, but I do. I see them when they smile at me and tell me that they love me. They tell me that they are amazed that I am doing so well. I hear them thank someone named "God" for taking care of me when I was sick. I think I know who He is. He made me all better. I'm thankful for what He did for me, too.

All my band-aids fell off of my boo-boo and I thought you might like to see my scar. The doctor told my parents that as I grow that my scar will not grow with me. In fact, it may only be a few inches tall when I get to be a big girl. Then you will hardly notice it at all. Isn't that great?

I want to thank all of you for praying for me. My mommy and daddy were so worried about me when my heart wasn't working right. I remember them crying for me. I heard them say that they asked all of you to pray for me and I am so thankful you did. God heard your prayers and did something amazing in my little body.

Thank you for loving me and my family!


Bethany said...

Victoria ... you are a beautiful angel and my heart breaks that you had a broken heart, but I'm thrilled at your progress. God blessed you with great parents and God has doubly blessed your parents with the gift of you. :)

Anonymous said...

I just put on make-up -- oh well... I have read everyone of your blogs. But this one, oh my --WHAT A PRAISE!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!! I can't wait until Mattelyn gets up so I can read it to her.
Thank you for sharing. God is at work and you want others to know that. ALL PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!!!!!
Rebecca Neighbors

Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria! You are a beautiful little girl! I have been praying for you ever since God put you in your mommy's tummy. I am so happy God has healed your heart. You are a very special little girl.
Love,Missy Upchurch