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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Talk To Me

Well, I promised a video of Victoria "talking" and here it is. It's a longer video (60 seconds) because you cannot rush these things. However, she is a very obedient child. I told her to "talk," say "hi," wave "bye," and smile. She did every single thing I asked her to do. Wow! She even gave me a little smile toward the end of the video. I hope you enjoy it!

I also posted some lyrics to a song I wrote for Victoria several weeks ago. It's called, "She Is God's Child." I was able to do a very rough (and quick) demo of it, thanks to Ryan, at church the other day. I'm not the most talented piano player, so just bear with me! Also, keep in mind that I've not hardly sung ANYTHING in the past few months due to my crazy life. I'm a bit out of shape vocally. I've got to pull out my o'l warm up and workout Cd's to get into vocal shape before I start teaching Commercial Voice in the fall at college! It's amazing how crisis in your life sucks any extra time out of your schedule for things like singing (beyond the singing I do with my kids)! Hope you enjoy the song! It blessed me, so I hope it blesses you!

PS - I did change a few of the lyrics and the printed version below is the updated version. You'll hear me sing a few different lines on the recording so just ignore those. Click on the following link to hear the song: http://www.box.net/shared/c0wbjciccg

© 2008 Heather Messick

Her little face is not the same
As yours and mine they say
But God took the time to fashion her
In such a special way
She may not learn just like I do
Or play the way I play
But she was made especially
For me to know one day

That God is good
And He is kind
She always is
Right there on His mind

She is God's child
Crafted and made by Him
She is God's child
Her life magnifies Him
She is God's child
Let our praise begin
And thank Him
For she is God's child

Her life came no surprise to Him
He knew that she'd be here
This span of time was made for her
So there should be no fear
Whatever struggles come her way
The Lord will see her through
He'll hold her hand and guide her steps
Each day He will be true

'Cause He is good
And He is kind
She always is
Right there on His mind


Who’s to say her little life
Wasn’t meant to be this way?
To show the world the Savior’s hand
Now we can join and say



Anonymous said...

Bless you Heather and Mark. God knew where to place His very special child! We continue to pray for you.
Love you guys.

Dennis & Darlene

anita said...

Wow - it has been so long since I have heard you sing. Sure miss it! I'm so proud of you!


Shana Hodge said...

Love all of it! The song sounds great and Victoria is such a cutie! See ya in a few days!

Anonymous said...

The song is beautiful, even more so because God gave you Victoria and then gave you the perfect words. So sweet...

Anonymous said...

Victoria is so adorable and boy is that Elyssa a character! I don't think I've caught many photo ops of her not posing for the camera. I wonder which parent she gets that from?? ;)
Seeing you and Allison together brings back good ole' childhood memories of Alabama and Theodore Middle/High school (Go Bobcats!)

God Bless and TTYS,

Anonymous said...

Wow Heather! Your song is beautiful!! Keep singing for HIS glory, and through Victoria, may the world see God's goodness and uniquness! I love you!

-Amy Goff

Living Life Happy said...

I love hearing her talk.

Beautiful song!! This song is going to bless many as Victoria has and does.

Bethany said...

Oh, that video was precious! And I love the song too!

PS...you aren't going to the convention in Boston next weekend, are you? :)

Jan Scoper said...

Great song, Heather! What a blessing and gift God has given you. Thank You for using your talent to bless others!