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Monday, May 26, 2008

Brave Girl

Victoria has been such a brave girl. She has endured a bunch for a 10-week-old little baby. She has the sweetest disposition and seems to quickly forgive those who stick and prod her. The unit that Victoria is in now has given her something called Bravery Beads. This necklace of beads has a lot of meaning. Each bead stands for something she has endured while being here at UAB, from flying up here on a plane to everything required for her surgery. One day when she gets older, I can explain to her how brave she was as a little, tiny baby. In the meantime, I'll enjoy wearing her necklace as a way of bragging on my brave, little Victoria.

PS - The doctor wanted to try Victoria off of oxygen today. So far, things have been going okay. It's nice to see her face without that tube on it. Hopefully, those little stickies will be removed soon, too.


Shana Hodge said...

She is so beautiful! I just love how she is always looking so bright eyed and curious. She is gonna give Elyssa and Natalie a run for their money!

Hey, did you notice that while we were on the phone this morning when the person came in the room to pick up your trays she walked in saying "DIIIEETAAARRRY?" I was cracking up as we got off the phone.

Love you bunches!

Anonymous said...

Yay for no oxygen!! It's amazing how different she looks without that little tube... And thanks for letting me hold her yesterday... if you need me to come sit with her (i.e. hold her) at all before you go home, you know my number. I haven't had a tiny baby to hold in such a long time!!

Teresa Graham said...

It has been such a help to all of us here at home to read your blogs everyday and to know how best to pray.

Victoria is becoming more beautiful everyday and is very much a brave girl. I love her beads and what a heritage of God's grace that will be to her as all three of your girls get older and you explain what those beads represent.

We miss you terribly and pray for you at each remembrance God gives us of you.

Know you are loved! Billy and Teresa

Anonymous said...

Hey, Heather and Mark! Just wanted to let you know that we have been reading every day and praying for you. Victoria looks fantastic! (You and Mark look great, too! I know you have cabin fever and are sleep-deprived, but, hey, at least you look good!) I wish we could come visit, but since we can't I'm glad I can keep up with you guys through the blog. This will be such a wonderful biography for Victoria when she gets older.

Hope you all get to come home soon.
We love you!
Cindy, Jason & Girls