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Friday, May 30, 2008

Call Me Crazy

Have you ever felt so frazzled at the end of a day that you thought you would lose it? That's where I am today. My two older girls have really tested me this afternoon. Thankfully, I've been able to remain calm and discipline in the right frame of mind. That is my most un-favorite part of being a parent. Disciplining. You know it has to be done, but it is not pleasant (for either party).

Having two girls that are the ages of 2 1/2 and 16 months is challenging. They are both getting into everything. I almost wish I had two of me so I could split up and chase each one while they go their separate ways. That would be too easy, I suppose.

It's nice when their sweet sides show up during the day. That keeps me sane. And, I enjoy seeing how sweet they CAN be. They can really be cute when they want to be. "When they want to be" is the important part of that sentence. I wish they "wanted to be" sweet all the time. But, that is all a part of terrible two's and three's, right?

So, today I guess you can call me crazy. As I write in my blog, I'm pumping. Mark is watching the girls while I'm occupied. I can hear Elyssa now banging on my bedroom door. I know it's quite funny, but I can endure the pain of pumping for a few more minutes just to enjoy my alone time.

PS - Today wasn't all stressful. The stress came mostly around the later afternoon. There were many fun moments. One exciting moment was that Victoria nursed again. I only had time to try nursing her once in the early afternoon when the girls were napping. She did very well, although she is still dealing with some nasal congestion. I've moved a cool-midst humidifier close to her cradle in hopes that will help her.


Anonymous said...

Hey Heather,
I finally made it to your blog. I laughed and teared up numerous times as I became engrossed by your prior postings. I have the utmost respect and admiration for you, the girls, and your hubby! As I read, I know that God has blessed Victoria with a wonderful gift: You!
Now that I'm hooked on your site, I will be sure to visit often. I am very happy Victoria has made it home. Your family will stay in my thoughts and prayers.

Sending you lots of love & laughter...Teresa W. :)

Shana Hodge said...

I clicked on that pic of Natalie...I see what you mean about those legs! She could knock somebody out! Love the face! Guess when it all gets like that you have to find a way to laugh about it!

Yeah on Victoria nursing. That is great news. I'm praying that she will continue to improve in that area and that you will have the patience you need to press on.

Love you!