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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Remembering When

Today was a really nice day. The girls went to Mom's Day Out while I took Victoria to a few appointments.

We first stopped by USA Children's And Women's Hospital to meet with Ann, the lactation consultant. She has been such an encouragement to me during Victoria's breastfeeding challenges. I first met her when I delivered at the hospital. She also came to my rescue when Victoria was rushed to the hospital about four weeks ago. During all of the commotion of getting Victoria stable during that crazy time, she got a pump set up for me and got together what she called a "tittie bag" for me to take on my trip to Birmingham. Since it was such a rushed trip, I had others pack for me and I needed some pumping items. I remember asking Mark, did she say "goodie bag" or "tittie bag?" It was the latter. We laughed about that.

Ann told me that there is hope for Victoria and to keep trying with nursing although she still doesn't do well at times. In fact, today she cried bunches about it. But, her nose was also congested. That could be the culprit for her not wanting to cooperate. Hey(side note!)...I learned something new today! Ann said that you can put a few drops of breast milk in a baby's nose, massage it and then suck it out. It surely worked for Victoria! I've never seen so much junk come out of a baby's nose. No wonder she was getting mad during feedings. She couldn't breathe very well. Ann came to my rescue again!

After my meeting with Ann, I traveled over to Cardiology Associates. I took Victoria for a weight check. She is weighing 7 lbs 14 oz and is 21 inches long. Hopefully, over the next weeks I will really see an increase in her weight.

Kathy, a nurse at Cardiology Associates, has been so sweet to me. I've enjoyed getting to know her. She has such a calming personality. She really helped me through Victoria distress four weeks ago. When they were bringing in oxygen for Victoria and calling the ambulance, she was really understanding of my fears and comforted me in such a genuine way.

As I walked out of their office under the overhang, I remembered Victoria and I getting into the ambulance. It was strange to remember all of the feelings I was having back in those moments of craziness and chaos. It almost seems a world away, but still close all at the same time. I felt so thankful walking under that overhang today. I felt thankful that God had been and continues to be so faithful to us. I felt thankful that He ordered every step we took and brought so many wonderful people in our lives to help us through our trial. I felt thankful for the way He has taken care of us, even when we didn't really know what we needed at the time.

He has been so good!

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Anonymous said...

Heather, I am Kris Nelson's mom, and I wanted to tell you about the cross Kris brought to you. A friend from NHBC has a granddaughter that was born with a heart defect. She had to have surgery shortly after she was born. Someone gave them one of the crosses, and they kept it in her bed at the hospital. The crosses are hand made, and they pray for the baby while they are making it. We hope you enjoy it.
Ronnie and Debbie Nelson