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Saturday, May 31, 2008


Mom and Dad (Mark's parents) came over today and we had such a good time with them. There were many fun things throughout the day, but one highlight sticks out to me.

Natalie has always been a great eater. After Mark and I came back from UAB, we looked at her and said, “What happened?” She looked like she had put on quite a few pounds while we were away. Talk about thighs!! Although she is a great eater, she is still picky about what she eats. Therefore, when she actually ate corn today and liked it, we were surprised. She loved the corn we had. It had come from Mom and Dad’s garden and had just been picked this morning. It was delicious. Natalie agreed and showed it in her consumption of it.

I had cut the corn off of the cob, originally, and she had been eating it that way. Then, Dad gave her what was left of his cob. She loved eating the corn directly off of the cob! She finished off the cob and kept trying to find kernels she could eat off of it. She would not give her cob up for anything. We finally had to distract her to get the cob away. We just had to take a picture of her enjoying her corn on the cob and share it with you.

I believe, however, we will be paying for Natalie’s huge consumption of corn. She’s already been crying and having, what seems to be like, a tummy-ache. Unfortunately, it looks like it might be a long night for the Messicks!

PS - I took a picture of Victoria today. She is looking even better. She had a great day and really wanted to eat a lot this afternoon. I believe that is a good sign. I’ve heard after heart surgery that most babies really put the weight on quickly. I’m hoping that will happen for Victoria also.


Shana Hodge said...

Oh my goodness...the picture with the corn cob is hilarious!

Victoria looks so good! Sounds like you guys had a great Saturday afternoon with the family.

Anonymous said...

Victoria looks great, Heather!!! Praise God!!!

And...Natalie is cracking me up on the corn cob!!!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I think your communication via your blog has been great for so many of us. Those girls are very lucky to have parents like you and Mark.

My best,

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,
I am so amazed at you ! The mother you have become is so dear to my heart.Seeing you go through so many things in such a short time with the most precious things in your life!Your Faith in God that you have always had shines through,I am so blessed when I read
your blog.THANK YOU for sharing such a stressed time in your life with such a delicate subject.Your "SPECIAL" little angel will always be just that.She will remind you of all these hardships you have been through with her.GOD has been "FAITHFUL" to you and your family.I am so happy to see Victoria look so well and off all those tubes,she has been through so much for her short life already here in our world.GOD knew you and Mark are the dedicated and loving parents Victoria needed to survive.GOD BLESS YOU TWO and ALL YOUR LITTLE GIRLS ~! SO proud of you as a "MOTHER" and as the "CHRISTIAN" you are !!! I LOVE YOU !
Aunt Dianna

Cindy said...

I love Natalie's pic and story....too cute. And Victoria looks great! Praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...


This reminds me of Music Camp many years ago when you and Kelly Poirouix were OBSESSED with CORN!!!! Do you remember that?

I'm glad to see that Victoria is doing better. She looks so much more alert now!!!

Joy Crouse