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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pretty Girl

Victoria is looking better and better each time we see her. Her breathing tube is out and the chest tubes are still in, with hopes they will be removed sometime tomorrow. They have been able to get a lot of the fluid out of her lungs and she is sounding much better. We took pictures and a video of her tonight. She looks so pretty. It's still hard to believe she has been through so much in a week. God has been so gracious to her and us. We hope in the next day or so that she will be transfered into a room.


Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful! And she seems to be doing so well. God is indeed "...good and Your mercy endureth forever." I'm amazed at her progress and quite humbled to see God's hand at work through Baby Victoria. We pray for her in my class every day (I'm a preschool teacher) and Maddie's class prays for "Baby Tora" every day too. Know that you have tons or prayer warriors lifting all of you up in Baldwin County!
Steve and Jackie Parks (and girls)

Shana Hodge said...

She looks so good! As Beth Moore would put it..."The Lord is really showing off" in the way that He has worked in the life of Victoria in the past week. What a great God we serve!

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Heather! She looks so beautiful!!! It is soooo good to see more of her face now (without all the tubes)!!!
luv ya and miss ya!!!

Anonymous said...

she is indeed beautiful.our
GOD is a faithfull GOD.my faith grows stronger when i see how HE continues to use the messick family..

Anonymous said...

Heather and Mark,
She is so beautiful....and she has the BEST parents in this world...God has blessed you both in such a miraclous way..with such a beautiful little angel...in fact with 3 little angels....We think of all of you everyday..and pray for you everyday...We love and miss you,can't wait for you to be home with Victoria...We Love Ya! Pat and Tootie