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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Surgeon - Part II

Today at the 5pm visiting session with Victoria, we were able to talk with the surgeon, Dr. Knott-Craig. We had such an amazing conversation with him. He told us that there are no leaks where the patches are attached in her heart. He said that there may usually be little holes in-between the edge of the patches and the wall of the heart, but in Victoria's case ... there are none. He said it was a solid attachment. That is amazing! He was very excited at the results of Victoria's surgery. He even seemed giddy about it.

He did say that there looks to be very small leakage with the valves he re-built. As she grows, he believes the leakage will decrease. He seems to think that she will not need medication beyond a 3-6 month period for this leakage. How awesome! God is good!

Mark asked Dr. Knott-Craig about the actual size of Victoria's heart. He put his two thumbs together and said, "about this big." It's amazing that he did such intricate work on a heart so small. Dr. Knott-Craig probably could not imagine the multitude of prayers that were lifted for him, although we told him there were hundreds. God truly did something wonderful through him. We stood, again, in amazement as he described what a success this surgery was and how happy he was with the results.

We know that God used this brilliant surgeon as His instrument to bring healing to our little Victoria. May all the glory go to such an awesome God!


Anonymous said...

We will be praying for the leakage to decrease....God is so good and HE answers prayer. Love you, Jan

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather & Mark,
What a trying time for a mommy and daddy to go through with a brand new baby,I know how much stress you two are going through,GOD is answering prayers through you two and baby Victoria.We here in Louisiana are praying very hard for this special little one of yours! She is in our constant prayer daily,we lift you and Mark up to God for strength and faith in knowing GOD can do anything!Healing Victoria is one of them! Thank you both so much for sharing with everyone all that is going on,this keeps us in tune with everything going on with Victoria,what a precious little jewel!I come here to check on all of you and especially Victoria's well being for each day.You both are so giving and to share the love of your baby with us all means so much.We love you all...GOD BE WITH YOU BOTH and LITTLE VICTORIA ! I love you ...
Aunt Dianna