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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today is a very special day! Mark and I are celebrating our 6-year anniversary!

I'm a bit in the doghouse this year! I totally forgot about our anniversary until yesterday!! I've been confined to the house with Victoria until her heart surgery, so unless I'm going to a doctor appointment or have my mom or Mark's parents come over (or Mark cover for me) so I can run to the store, there is no outside world for me. Also, since Victoria does not nurse well right now, I'm constantly pumping and cannot spend a lot of time away from my pump to shop, run errands, etc.

Mark is SO NOT in the doghouse this year!!! He remembered our anniversary and even surprised me with a sweet card and gift yesterday!! Talk about a good husband!

So, I decided to write a lot of nice things in my blog today about him, hoping he would forgive me for being so absent-minded this year! I guess we have had a lot going on the past month and my brain has been a bit scattered.

On the serious side, Mark has been such a wonderful support to me through such a hard time lately. He lets me vent and cry when I need to and he has cried with me. He loves little Victoria and his other two rays of sunshine, Elyssa and Natalie. I could not ask for a better husband or father to our children. He is a wonderful man of God and such a great provider to our family in many ways. I love how he loves my family and is so accepting of them and I love how he loves his family and always wants to make sure his parents know that we are so thankful for them.

So, today, I say a special and heart-felt "thank you" to the Lord for putting such a wonderful man in my life!

Mark Douglas Messick ... I love you! Happy Anniversary!


Wife of Rob said...

I just can't say it enough Heather...she is just a beautiful, breathtaking and awe inspiring little girl. She has made me and my entire family reconsider the incomprehensible handiwork of our Holy Lord. We all pray for you guys daily.

We love you ,

Jen and Robert (and the whole Lamey family too)

p.s....we haven't updated lately due to being so busy, but our blog is at www.pairofbartletts.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Okay, Heather, (..or Mark...) you have given him a wonderful anniversary gift to celebrate your time together - being an incredible mother that has sacrificed her time and energy and her own day-to-day life to nurture and love your sweet girl(s). What more could a guy want??? So, yeah, who needs material things when he has the most important and precious things in life already. Heather - you are awesome!!! Love you, girl!!!

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad you have made this blog site. I have been praying for you often, and am so happy to see God blessing you and your family.

Janet Kennedy

Anonymous said...

To Heather & Mark,
You both are so inspiring to me as a couple who shows their love to GOD in all things ya'll do ! As parents of 3 little girls,they will learn as they grow what wonderful parents you are ! I remember Heather always saying,she will never find a husband...well Heather..you held on to God's word and promises and he BLESSED YOU with a GOD INSPIRED MAN that you so deserved !!! I know your hearts are troubled and hurt over your new little Victoria...remember GOD IS IN CONTROL..again Heather...wait on GOD...HE WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN ! Both of you and all your FAITH will carry ya'll through all these hard times ya'll are facing.GOD could not have chosen any better parents for this sweet,sweet baby to grow up in the aminition of the LORD !
She will overcome her obsticles in life because of who ya'll are and the love you both have for her before she was even more and it will grow deeper with each new day !!!
LOVE AUNT Dianna from Louisiana