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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Good News

We feel like it's been forever that we have been sitting in the waiting room, but our name was finally called with an update on Victoria. These are the exact words of the attendant:

"The major part of the surgery is done and the patient is doing satisfactory." She also said, "This is what you want to hear."

Praise the Lord for His favor on us and our little baby girl!

Please continue to pray for her as she is not out of the woods yet. I'm sure she will be in a delicate situation for several days as her heart and body adjust to the surgery. Pray God's continued hand on her.

Thank you for your love and prayers. We will continue to update the blog with her progress so keep checking in. Again, we love you all and could not feel more blessed to be in such a wonderful family of believers!

Mark and Heather


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

As one of my youth told me after we got that same news with Daddy, Yay GOD!!!! All of us down have Abbeville have been keeping check all morning and are sooooo glad to the hear the news. We definitely keep praying...prayers of praise.... and protection.

Living Life Happy said...



We are so glad to hear the update. we have been praying and singing to our great physician all morning in grace for victoria.

We can not wait for you to come on here and tell us you finally got to stroke that babies checks in the recovery room while whispering praises to God for giving you more precious time and memories to be made with that little Angel.

We love you. know that we still lift you and your family in our prayers for strength and courage for the journey you are traveling.

Angela Ballard
and my crew