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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Surgeon

Mark and I just met with the surgeon, Dr. Knott-Craig. He told us that Victoria's repair was the hardest he had ever done in his career, and he has performed hundreds of them. He said that originally when he opened her up that her heart defect was so severe that he had thought of putting a band on her pulminary artery, which would be a temporary fix, and the repair would need to be tried again at around her 1st birthday. Instead, he said that he "stepped back" and tried to think of the best way to do her heart repair. Somehow he figured out the best way to complete her surgery and he said that he believes that it is a good repair. He told us that her blood pressure, oxygen and her heart rate were much better now.

As Mark and I sat with the surgeon, hearing all of this coming out of his mouth, we were amazed. We knew that God had performed a miracle! God put wisdom and knowledge in this doctor's mind that he did not have on his own! God gave him the steadiest of hands to do such a delicate surgery. We sat wide-eyed knowing that we had just witnessed the hand of God move in the hands and mind of Victoria's surgeon.

They are cleaning her up and doing some final tests right now. We will be able to see her in about an hour.

Thank you so very much for lifting up our little, sweet baby. She is already such a testimony of the miracles of God. He can take the impossible and make them possible! We praise Him that His will was to allow Victoria to stay with us a little longer. She is such a gift and we praise the Lord for His favor.


Anonymous said...

The boys and I prayed for Victoria this morning right about the time of her surgery. I just wanted you to know we have been lifting her up - and you and Mark too.
Love and prayers,
Cindy Fulks

Anonymous said...

God is good.

Anonymous said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! I started praying for her and you about the time the surgery started. Have been praying off and on all day. Will continue to pray for you all. You are in Good Hands!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

God is good - all the time! Very thankful to God for allowing you more time with Victoria! Will keep checking for updates on her. Thankful God's given you the strength and courage to go through this. Also, praising Him for the surgeon allowing himself to be used for the glory of God! Will keep all of you in my prayers. Lani

Living Life Happy said...

What a wonderful post. Praise God!!! Thank you so much for updating us all. Still praying.

Anonymous said...

PRAISE GOD!!! He is AWESOME!!! I will continue to lift you up to our Heavenly Father in prayer! I love you all!!! In Christ Alone!!
Ginny L. Drach

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to update all of us. We join you all in praising HIS Holy name for the miracle HE did through the Dr.today! Praise HIS Holy Name!!!! We love you, Ronnie, Jan & Riley

Anonymous said...

Heather & Mark -- It's amazing how God sets things out for us. We've been away from North Mobile for about 2 years now, but I am still on the prayer alert list. I must say that life with two little ones (3 years, and 10 months) makes it difficult to check email on a regular basis. But I happened to be off today and the girls are at "school." I opened my email and I saw the prayer request for Victoria this morning. I was immediately in prayer for Victoria and then went to your blog and spent the better part of the morning reading it. I wept and wept, only imagining all you guys have been through since early on in your pregnancy. I could only imagine the mixed emotions you felt this morning with you walked with your precious one until you could go no further. My heart just broke for you guys. But then I see the faith and hope that you have and see how God has prepared you for this very thing. Victoria is precious and she's definitely a testimony to all, as are you and Mark. And WOW! Was God at work with the surgeon or what! He showed up and showed off! AWESOME! I look forward to reading updates on Victoria and reading of your journey in the future. Thank you for being the children of God that you are and thank you for being an inspiration to me personally. Though you probaby do not remember me, know that you guys and the FBNM family are in my prayers constantly.
We love you,
Jackie and Steve Parks (and Maddie & Pressley)

Teresa Graham said...

Mark and Heather,

We continue to lift you and little Victoria up to God and now are adding our thanks for His great goodness in the miracle He brought today. He was guiding the surgeon's mind and hands; the Great physician's touch on one so little. God is good....all the time! We will keep praying and loving you all.

Billy and Teresa