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Friday, May 16, 2008


I was able to hold Victoria today for the first time since her surgery. I was afraid I would hurt her! The nurse helped me with knowing how to hold her. Victoria's little eyes were rolling around and she looked like she was "trippin'!" The drugs are still keeping her in la-la land, but they are weening her off. She was moving around quite a bit and kept licking her lips. There is no telling what she was thinking about! But, Mark and I have to say ... no matter how out of it she is right now, we are glad to see her awake and moving around!


Anonymous said...

Dear Heather & Mark! I really don't believe Victoria Jayne is trippin at all. She just got a double dose of that witty personality you both have! She may be teasing you! What a blessing to see how well she is doing. The Lord is already using her to teach us so much about His wonderful love and care for all of us. You two are such a blessing to us. Little Victoria Jayne is truly a gift to all of us. We pray for your whole family everyday. I know through this you have touched many lives all over the world. Blessing to you both! We will continue to pray and anxiously await the day you are all united back here in Saraland. What a celebration!
In Him,
Charlie & Sue Prall


You go girl!! Victoria is just wiggling and giggling about her time to go back to Saraland. She is finished and over it!! She is just using what she can to say take me home mom and dad I am ready to play!

She looks great. I am so happy to see you able to hold her. Something about letting you snuggle the baby makes you know all is right in the world. Give her a snuggle for me Heather and tell her I see great things happening for her. Tell her God has BIG plans missy. BIG plans.

We love you both,
Angela Ballard and
my crew

David Simpson said...

Mark and Heather.....

David and I had know idea you had a blog. David discovered it today....I immediately whisked the laptop into my bedroom and began catching up on Victoria.

As I write to you now, I can hardly see through my tears. I have so many emotions moving through me at the moment. I can't begin to express how reading your words minister to my heart. I am so moved at God's peace and love. And how your words display just that.

And my heart is convicted at the same time. At all the unimportant things I let myself get distracted by. Instead, I am reminded to be thankful for the moment. Regardless if my 5 yr old is pestering my 2 yr old, which only displays her high pitched shrill, and my 1 yr old is consumed with every plug in my house.

To be thankful at all times, regardless of my circumstances around me.

We love you and miss you and talk about you daily.

Our prayers will continue to be with you,
David, Annette, Connor, Chloe and Caleb Simpson

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather! Victoria is looking soooo good!!! PRAISE GOD!!! I am praying you guys are in a room now. I'm so glad you got to hold her and seeing her in your arms reminds me of how God chose you to be the mother of such a special little girl because you are such a gentle and caring person - the perfect caregiver for such a sweet baby. Victoria has been blessed with a very special mommy!!!

(and a special Daddy!)

Love ya, girl!!!