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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

She's Leaving On A Jet Plane

As we drive to Birmingham tonight, our hearts feel so many mixed emotions. We feel so blessed that God saw fit for Victoria to have an appointment with the geneticist today and that of all people, the doctor’s resident noticed her coloring. If it weren’t for her insight, we wouldn’t have known that she needed any immediate attention. We feel blessed that our cardiologist’s office worked so quickly to get Victoria on oxygen and transported by ambulance to Women and Children’s Hospital for treatment to stabilize her. We feel blessed to be offered so much help from friends and family in so many amazing ways. We feel blessed that our little baby is on a jet to UAB to be cared for by some of the most skilled physicians and nurses in the country. Even in the midst of such an uncertain situation … we feel blessed.

At the same time we feel the blessings of God, we are sad at seeing our tiny little baby with tubes and wires hooked up to her beautiful body marring its appearance. It’s a breaking experience to see her helpless body lying limp in the baby unit being attended to by so many people. You know then that there is nothing that you are in control of, but it’s all in the hands of the Lord. That doesn’t mean that we don’t break down every time we see her in this state. It means that in the midst of our breakdowns, we receive an unexplainable comfort and peace from the Lord. We know there is nothing that we can physically do for her, but there is everything that the Lord can do for her. He is her ultimate Father looking over her and loving on her more than we ever could. As much as we want to protect and provide what she needs, Father God is her ultimate protector and provider. We are thankful for such a wonderful Father.

On a more detailed note …

Victoria arrived at UAB around 9:30pm tonight in stable condition. She is on a ventilator to relieve the stress on her heart. We will arrive there probably around midnight or a little later. Our wonderful Pastor Ed and Pastor Scott are accompanying us on our trip and we might possibly have family join us there. At this point we do not have definite information on her surgery arrangements. We’ve been told her surgery could be as soon as Thursday or Friday if she is stable enough for the procedure. If they feel she needs time to rest in her current stable condition a little longer, we would probably be looking at surgery on Monday or Tuesday. There are medications that can aid in keeping her stable if the surgery will be put off for a few days.

On a more personal note …

As a nursing mother, I had to use a manual pump for the first time during the trek to UAB. I had grabbed a blanket from the house before we pulled out for UAB, but not just any blanket. A friend of mine gave me blankets for all three of my girls not long ago. I took Victoria’s blanket from the shelf to use to cover me while I pump manually in the van. Her blanket has the following embroidered on it:

“The Lord Is My Shepherd”

So, as I pump to provide nourishment for her, her name lays gently on both of my shoulders reminding me that the Lord is her shepherd. He will not lose this little sweet lamb named Victoria Jayne.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mark and Heather. I, like the rest of our family, have been praying for you guys and sweet Victoria. God is just a great God- He has you all in His hands! God has a plan and a purpose, and watching His plan unfold is the most humbling, uplifting experience. I will continue to pray for you both for peace and rest, as well as the doctors and their work, and for sweet Victoria. Love you all!

Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job as Victoria's mama. I dont know you, but it is so clear that you were chosen by God to be her mama. Your heart for her is amazing. I am praying for you and for the place God has you in at this moment in time. You are strong and you know where your strength comes from. What a blessing for that baby and for God. My prayer is that you remain at the Masters feet and continue to recieve His strength for this walk. I pray that healing will happen for this sweet sweet little one. I am praying for daddy too. We have two girls and they are both daddy's girls and so I know about the heart they have for the baby girls in their lives! I pray you both continue to lean on Jesus for all you will need in the coming days. I pray that He will strenghten Victorias heart. I love you all with the love of Jesus. Know that you are being lifted up. Know that He cares about every breath and every heart beat. Blessings to you, Vicki