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Friday, May 23, 2008

Burnin' The Midnight Oil

Our first night in a "real room" was an adventure. The last time I fed Victoria last night was at 11pm. Afterwards, I let her sleep for as long as she would before waking to feed again. She woke at 3am very hungry. From what the doctors tell me, she overate a little. She ate almost 4 ounces and never looked back! She definitely has a bigger appetite now. She never spit up anything she ate, but after eating so much we thought she did have a little tummy ache. From 3am on she didn't sleep much, which meant that I didn't sleep much.

Victoria's monitoring system kept alarming which was a pain. The nurse believes that some of the de-SAT readings (de-saturation or decrease of oxygen in the blood) were correct, but some probably were not. Regardless, every time that machine alarmed, we would have to hit a button (which was located high on a shelf) to turn the alarm off. Why couldn't someone be innovative enough to make a remote control for a machine like that? At least I could stay in bed and turn the thing off by remote! Wouldn't that be dreamy?

All morning has seemed to be a fight with the monitoring system. If Victoria gets too cool or moves too much, she alarms. I have been freaked out all morning and have had little sleep. You'll see what great condition I'm in by viewing my picture this morning. So far, it's almost noon and I've had no bath yet. The days of luxury are over. But, I'm thankful, because that means that although I look ugly, I'm able to care for my little Victoria!

Because of all the ups and downs this morning with Victoria's SATS, several of her doctors were paged. We were visited by Dr. Pierce, Dr. Alten and Dr. Borasino. Having all three men in the room was quite a gas. They were joking with us and we were thankful for the laughs. They looked Victoria over really well and all conversed. They believe she is doing well, but she does have some respiratory issues to overcome before going home. We continue to pray that she will make advancements in this area.

Now, let us all join hands and pray that tonight is a better night for Victoria. Let us pray for the monitors that are demonized to be exercised of their evil spirits. Let us pray for Mark to get sleep on the hardest fold-out-chair ever constructed. And finally, let us pray that God miraculously closes off the air conditioning vent that continuously blew directly in my face all night. Amen!


Anonymous said...

Heather.....Your sense of humor in the midst of this critical and trying time is so wonderful. God has blessed you with an amazing outlook on life and you are such a blessing to those of us who are following your blogs. Just know that we are in a constant state of prayer for little Victoria and you and Mark and all you family. May you have abundant peace and comfort from our Great Shepherd and
Love.....Mary Sikes

Anonymous said...

Heather....I look forward to your updates on Victoria everyday. I have shared with my students and shown them her progress with the readings and pictures you post of her. What a blessing she is, and to see God's guidance through this situation is even more of a blessing.

Some of my students had even began asking about her each morning, and now that school is over, they will be reading your blogs too.

I'm glad to see your personality shining through your exhaustion and "beeping annoyances."

Know you all are being prayed for!!

In Christ,
Love..Emily Butler

Anonymous said...

Heather and Mark,
I can just see you both in that room with all the bells and whistles going off ALL NIGHT...I bet you were ready to shout out loud...You are so cute and funny in your blog...But, that's you!!!Humor HUMOR!!!Just wanted ya'll to know you and all of your family are being prayed for....grandparents and your precious girls at home...and of course you, Mark,and Victoria...She looks so precious in your arms....Can't wait for all of you to get back home...Hugs and Kisses to all of you...Tootie and Pat
To God Be The Glory ...