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Monday, May 26, 2008

Signs Of The Times

Dr. Knott-Craig came in to see Victoria today and said that we might possibly get to go home at some point TOMORROW!!! He was going to look over her progress today and let us know in the morning if he thinks she is ready to head home. All of the blood work done today on Victoria looked good. We are only waiting to hear back from the x-ray taken today on her chest. They have been trying to keep a close eye on her lungs since she has had such a problem with them collapsing. We should know more tomorrow about the status of our departure.

Victoria did very well today without her supplemental oxygen. Everyone seemed rather pleased at her progress. I was, frankly, so thankful to have one less tube attached to her. It made holding her much easier. There are only a few more wires to be removed. There is a pacing wire and monitor wires that will probably be removed closer to the time that we leave. She also has one IV line remaining. It's been nice to see wires and tubes removed one at a time. With each removal, I remember what a miraculous work that God has done in Victoria's life.

The past few weeks have been very interesting. It's hard to even describe how I have felt stretched in my faith. To feel totally out of control is a horrible feeling at times. At other times, you just realize that God is way bigger than you give Him credit for. When you are put in a situation so huge, you know that you cannot do it alone. If you are smart, you call upon the One Who holds each moment in His hands.

As I held Victoria tonight, I looked at her sweet face. After the past two weeks, I don't notice her Down's as much. Don't get me wrong. I still notice it some, but it doesn't bother me anymore. What I see now is a baby I love with all my heart. I love every feature about her face, fingers, toes ... her whole body. She is a gift from God. I can see myself always wanting to protect her.

In a weird way, I thank God for this special time in Victoria's life. He has given us all a chance to see His miraculous works. He has let us get a glimpse of His hand at work in all of our lives through a special baby's life. He says in His Word that He chooses the simple things to confound the wise. He just happened to choose Victoria to blow our minds.


Anonymous said...

That is so AWESOME! What a wonderful thing to read first thing in the morning when I checked for an update on your blog. GOD is indeed GOOD! Please know how much you and Mark have touched my life through all of this. I'm just so blessed that you chose to open your heart for all to see what you guys were going through and through your trials, and little Victoria's, I have see just how big God really is. He knew that you would be Victoria's parents, and He knew the problems she would face, He knew how He would handle them, and He knew that you and Mark would be the perfect parents for her. And what a testimony it has been to see God at work in your precious baby.

I look forward to checking your blog later and reading that you guys are going headed home. I know how thankful you are to UAB, but I can imagine how much better it will be once you get Victoria home.

We love you guys and are still praying every day. To Him be the Glory!

Steve and Jackie Parks

Shana Hodge said...

What incredible news! I can't wait to find out today if everything is clear for you guys to go home.

What am impact that Victoria has already had on the lives of so many. Watching you guys walk thru this time has been such an inspiration. I've been studying this week about being faithful in the hard times and how that produces characteristics of our Heavenly Father in us. It's never easy or fun but always worth it. His timing is so perfect in all things!

I'll talk to you sometime this morning to get an update. I know that you are ready to head south. I really think that you need to get one of those tiny towels from the hosital for Mark to have as a souvenir!

Travel safe!

Anonymous said...

Praise God, Heather! I hope you do get to go home today. Victoria is looking so great. She is beautiful!!!

Much love!