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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Special Nurses

Here is a post especially dedicated to the nurses that have cared for Victoria here at UAB.

Emily was one of Victoria's nurses in RNICU. That is the unit that Victoria was in when initially arriving at UAB. Emily was so sweet and caring. We always felt that Victoria was in good hands when we left RNICU each night. Emily actually wanted to walk Victoria and us over to the surgical unit the day of Victoria's heart surgery. We really felt that she went the extra mile and we appreciated her care for Victoria so much.

Lawana was one of Victoria's nurses in CICU. This was the unit Victoria was assigned to right after her heart surgery. We really had a great time getting to know her. Turns out that she lived in Mobile at one time! She was so sweet to our baby girl and also to us. If it would not have been for Lawana's advice, I would not have gone home to see my other two girls this past week. Lawana actually came to see us in our room yesterday and we really enjoyed our visit with her. It meant a lot to us that she wanted to see how Victoria and we were doing. She is a special lady.

We didn't get pictures of all of Victoria's nurses, but here are some of their names (there have been so many, that I'm sure I don't remember them all):

John, Brandi (who knows Chris & Allison Nelson from North Mobile), Roz, Turner, Ann, Erika, Joyce, Heather, Karen, TL, Peggy, Tim, Shelly, Wayne, Jeff, Janine, Winnie and Sarah

We are so thankful for all of the wonderful care that Victoria has received while here at UAB. God has truly sent spectacular people our way and we couldn't be more blessed!


Anonymous said...

Dear Heather, I have been praying for you guys! Tell Lawana Linda Says Hello! She's an old friend! Did not know that she was in the infant div. I knew she did Cardiac ICU...she's a very special person just like you and Mark! I am so thankful for all the wonderful staff taking care of you all! Hope and pray you are all home safe and sound real soon! Thanks so much for this blog, it's something I hope you can preserve! Life moves on at such a seemingly break neck pace! I love Mark Lowery's favorite verse, he shared a long time ago,..."and it came to pass"...Praying that all this will be far in the past real soon and you guys can get back to regular life! BUT is life ever regular after having children? Victoria is just so precious, Hangeth Thou In There! God bless you each and every one!....LUV U, Hisbelovedlinda (Linda Smith)

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather!
This is Leslie Hinton (Ronnie and Debbie Nelson friends). We just wanted to let you know that we are praying for your family. Hopefully Victora will be ready to go home soon. They seem to always do good when they get home. Allie always did anyway. You read our Heart Surgery Adventures at

Wtih love
Leslie Hinton