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Friday, May 2, 2008

Surgery Is Here

Mark and I just got home from the Cardiologist and he feels it's time for Victoria to have her open-heart surgery. I asked him what time frame that we were looking at and he said that she could be having surgery by Wednesday of this coming week! So, if not this week ... it will be the next week. While we were in the office he called up to Birmingham and spoke to the doctor there and they both agreed that she is ready. She weighed 8 lbs 3 oz, so he was happy about that. He did say that he'd love for her to be 11 lbs for surgery, but he didn't feel like she would make that weight before she needed surgery. Her oxygen level was down today so that may have prompted this decision for surgery.

Mark was actually out of town (since Wednesday) at a conference and was to arrive back today at 5pm. He said he felt the Lord prompting him to leave early and try to make it to Victoria's appointment today. I'm SO glad that he did get to the doctor's office, even if he was late. I actually took my calendar today in case Dr. Mayer started mentioning dates for surgery. I guess God was preparing us both for the events of the day.

We will be receiving a call from Birmingham to set up the actual surgery date between now and Monday. Please pray for all the logistics and for me to get my house in order before we leave. My mom will be staying with the girls and will be having help from Mark's parents and probably others. Keep them in your prayers as they adjust their schedules to help us out.

Thank you for your prayers and please know that we appreciate your support and love. This will be, and has been, a very emotional experience, yet we cling to the Lord and trust Him in everything. We are asking God to be victorious in Victoria Jayne's life. After all, her name means "victorious victory." May God have the victory and may He receive all glory for what He does in her life!

PS - I will post the surgery information as soon as we have it.

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